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Testimonials: Testimonials


"I had the pleasure of working with Lauren this past summer when having my first child. Although I contacted Lauren kind of late in the game, she was very responsive and helpful with all of my questions in the last trimester. One thing that I really loved about Lauren is that when she didn't have an exact answer for me she found the research for me and brought me into the process of figuring out my own answers to questions. But obviously the most important part was her actual attending of my birth, and for this help I could not be more grateful. Lauren arrived at the hospital just when I was transitioning into active labor and more painful contractions and without her help I would not have been able to stick to my plan of having a natural childbirth. One thing that I was worried about, was the effect of having a third person apart from my partner attending my birth, but she was so supportive, unintrusive and had great recommendations throughout the labor for reducing pain. I can honestly say that without Lauren's help I would not have had the dream birth that I did and the speedy recovery that I've had. I highly recommend Lauren. She is very professional, responsive, kind-hearted and will help you meet your goals for your birth!"

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