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Lauren Backman Locke

I come to doula work as a second career.  My passion for information on pregnancy and birth began while trying to get pregnant and planning a home birth with my first daughter.  As part of this, I researched many options available to birthing people in the Boston area including birthing spaces, types of providers, and the other possible decisions that could need to be made during a birth journey.  After this first experience of growing a baby, birthing a baby, and feeding a baby, I felt strong and powerful. This was a new feeling as I had always felt failed by my body in someway before this experience. Confidence in my physical body only grew with the second pregnancy and second birth at home.  

I believe that everyone deserves to feel this kind of strength and empowerment by being in control of their prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences.  I believe that information leads to confident choices.  Confident choices bring power and control to the birthing person.

About Me: About Me
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